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5. Love

by Vicki Tillard

Love Is
Love Is
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I’ve had a lot of time to think recently. Way too much time I was thinking. I was bored and anxious and depressed and frankly just a little pissed off. I was hosting the biggest pity-party of the year right here in my little world.

I’m finding now that it isn’t enough time—there is never enough time to think about how to be a better person and make a better world. It is a process, a journey, and it takes constant vigilance. That isn’t to say it’s a terribly difficult path to follow. It actually is so very easy when you get out of the way and let God’s flawless grace have its way.

Today I can truly say I’m grateful for this time at home. I have read several books—books about love and grace and miracles and magic. I have had time to think, to pray, to listen. I believe I have reached a milestone in my own spiritual path. I am absolutely convinced that the secret to a fulfilled and God-centered life is love—simply love.

What a relief because I know how to love. I know how to love, because I’m a parent and there is no greater example of true love than that of a parent for a child. I would literally lay down my life for my children. There is nothing they can do that would ever make me love them less or more. That’s not to say my children’s actions can’t cause me hurt and disappointment at times and extreme pride and joy at others. But I love them through the good and the bad.

I love my husband, I love my kids, I love my parents and my siblings and my friends and my church and on and on. So if I am such a champ at loving, why do I often feel “off the spiritual path?” I believe I’m a good person, I think I’m loving and kind and generous. I am in a serious relationship with God and I try to live each day according to His will. Yet there are days when I am angry, afraid, resentful, impatient, self-serving and (I hate this one the most) self-righteous.

So am I really loving? Am I an example of Christ’s unconditional love? Is it loving to judge others based on my ideas or preferences? Is it loving to expect others to live up to my values and beliefs? Is it loving to keep a mental score card of who’s hurt me and how. Is it loving to criticize? Is it loving to love only when I know I will be loved in return?

God, through the example of Christ’s perfect love, is asking me to love in all ways and at all times—to love God, to love myself, and to love every other person in the world.
WHOA! Are you kidding me? Now that’s asking a lot. Thank God, He isn’t asking me to do it perfectly today. Thank God He is leading me to books and people and circumstances that help me understand better how to love.

Today I pray, God make me an instrument of your peace. Let your love stream through me into the world. Help me to be “in the flow” of your love and use me to lovingly serve according to your plan. Amen